I just finished taking Erin’s 3 day glorious Yin Teacher Training. As a teacher I wanted to broaden my knowledge of offerings for my students and as a practitioner I wanted to experience Erin’s soulful delivery of Yin. She is a Yin Diva and combines a beautiful balance of practice with poignant music plus time for one to explore one’s edges, physically, mentally, emotionally. The training was not only informative as well as fun with the various exercises we did to round out our understanding. I recommend this powerful training to EVERYONE.
— Renee C.
Eleven years ago I had the honor of taking a workshop from Yin Yoga Paul Grilley in DC and Sarah Powers in NYC who have greatly influenced my yoga path and continue to be deep inspirations for my work and lifestyle. Each of them provided tremendous wisdom. This weekend I had the honor of learning Yin Yoga from Erin Fleming who not only rocked my Yin World with deeper, personal and professional development but embodied such grace, elegance, humor, playfulness and wisdom ♥ Love and Infinite Gratitude Erin!
— Mar O.