1440 Multiversity Retreat

WHEN: July 10-12th, 2020
WHERE: A Local Weekend Retreat in the California Redwoods
PRICE: $325

MELT into YOGA at 1440 Multiversity
Transformational Practices for Pain-Free Living
A Local Weekend Retreat in the California Redwoods
(Plus 2 nights all-inclusive accommodations priced separately)

Treat yourself to a weekend of mindful movement, essential stillness and connective tissue release practices featuring The MELT Method®️, Qigong Yoga Flow, and Yin Yoga.

THE MELT Method®️

Did you know that the most abundant system in your body is connective tissue – and that new science is revealing that the source of most inflammation and pain is dehydrated connective tissue? The MELT Method is a scientifically proven connective tissue hydration methodology. Using specialized soft rollers and Hand & Foot Treatment balls you will learn techniques to reduce inflammation, ease chronic neck and low back strain, improve alignment, enhance athletic performance, and keep your whole body feeling great at any age. All MELT Method equipment will be provided.


An ancient Chinese exercise and healing system that blends breath, movement and mindfulness to enhance energetic flow throughout the body. This creative practice also incorporates aspects of gentle yoga and various elements inspired byTai Chi, resulting in reduced stress and increased vitality. 


Yin Yoga is a profound flexibility practice enjoyed in a meditative, candle-lit environment with soothing music and optional aromatherapy, like lavender. Each class is taught staying close to the floor, holding supported poses for 3-5 minutes. Yin targets and releases the tighter connective tissue in the hips, hamstrings, and lower spine. This breath-based practice provides passive balance to active yoga practitioners, meditators, injured/active athletes, and those newer to yoga.