Magnificent Morocco April 18 - 26, 2020

With desert dunes, mountain peaks, ancient cities, and rich culture Morocco is a destination like no other. This gateway to sub-Saharan Africa is a country of rich diversity and warm hospitality mixing centuries-old tradition with a firm view towards the future. We will begin in Marrakech and explore the labyrinth medinas, excellent restaurants, and visits with local artisans. We will be dazzled by the snake charmers as we imbibe the ubiquitous fresh pressed mint tea and take in everyday life in this bustling city. From Marrakech will be driven to the nearby Stone Desert where we will sleep in gorgeously designed desert tents. We will take in the expansive night sky, enjoy camel trekking and a yoga practice overlooking the vast sand dunes. Another short drive will take us to the spectacular Atlas Mountains, North Africa’s highest mountain range, where we will stay in an exquisite Kasbah surrounded by green fields and groves of olives, lemon, and orange trees while gazing at the nearby snowy mountain peaks.  Day trips will take us to nearby mountain villages. Our hotels are chosen for their level of service, location, and exquisite design. Our retreat will be lead by an expert guide to ensure we experience a unique vantage point of this most incredible of countries.